EMRs can be costly in malpractice suits

The linked article discusses how the misuse of an EMR, any EMR can be a contributing factor to a plaintiff’s malpractice case.

At Datel Solutions, we work with our physician and provider clients to develop workflow surrounding Dragon Medical speech recognition software to create robust and succinct medical encounter notes.

Don’t rely on drop-down choice boxes or radio-buttons for documenting your care. Fill-in or click on the “Meaningful Use” requirements but dictate your documentation “real-time” into your EMR or patient notes system.




Warning from CMS: Medicare EHR Incentive Payments will be reduced due to sequestration

Have you received your EHR incentive payments? Are you on track to be eligible? If you have attested, have you independently verified all keys measures? Have you been notified of an audit? Did you know that possibly 35% of EHR incentive funds recipients WILL BE AUDITED?

Datel Solutions has been working with medical practices to supplement the efforts of their EMR vendor to help practices meet all relevant criteria. Physicians and practice managers may be surprised to learn what the CMS audit contractor is looking to verify within the parameters of “Required and Addressable” key measures.


$18,000 per provider is a lot of money to have to refund to the government.

Contact us to see how we can help before CMS contacts you.


Physician Encounter Documentation

A recurring challenge as voiced by physicians is their inability to capture, in their own words, an objective impression of a patient that they are examining. Many EMR-EHR systems have very robust choice lists for a clinician to select. Yet in this age of moving physicians away from hand-written (and often illegible) notes into the electronic realm, some feel that they are losing the ability to include their nuance of impression in the encounter documentation.

Over the next few posts, we will blog about our experience at Datel and our role in physician success at documenting by way of dictating with Dragon Medical.

Please stay tuned for blogs on Datel’s integration and training of Dragon Medical into the physician workflow with their electronic health/medical record system.

Some of the systems featured will include: AllScripts – Aprima – ADS MedicsDocAssistant – Greenway PrimeSuite – eClinicalWorks – Anasazi – Altos OncoEMR – Vitera Intergy – OrthoPad by Merge – MEDENT – meridianEMR – Centricity – NextGen – Infinitt – GCARE – Alteer – RAMsoft – SRS – McKesson – iKnowMed – Meditech – EPIC
If you don’t see your EMR listed, let us know.

The Challenge of Clinical-Medical documentation

One of the drawbacks of using an EHR-EMR is that notes tend to take on a certain uniformity or sameness. Using templates and preformatted text and carrying forward information from a previous visit should save the physician time and ease documentation burdens, yet many clinicians are struggling to realize these benefits while not producing notes that are overly repetitious and uniform. In other words, ones that appear identical to other notes.

We will be using this platform to highlight the preferred practice of utilizing Dragon Medical Speech Recognition software to immediately capture physician clinical documentation and reduce the occurrence of the cloned medical note.